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Windows Whistler Build 2419 Bios Date

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Windows Whistler Build 2419 Bios Date

Postby MrTuba » January 22nd, 2017, 6:47 pm

Hello everyone,
before I tried to install Windows Whistler (Build 2419) on VMWare, I heard (on few web sites) that you need BIOS date for this build to work. And yes, you need, but i found several BIOS dates that just don't work. Just to say, in VMWare after you start this build without proper BIOS date, virtual machine would just freeze, while in Virtual Box it would just crash. If that crash / freeze means anything, here are versions that i use: VMWare Workstation 12 (12.5.1 build-4542065) and Virtual Box 5.1
So, here is a BIOS date that worked for me:
January 23rd 2001.
I installed this build on 2 different computers (on VMWare of course) and I got same results.
Also, here is product key for this build that I found:
Thank you for reading this!

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Re: Windows Whistler Build 2419 Bios Date

Postby MS-GIL » January 29th, 2017, 5:34 am

I did a tutorial on this over on my youtube channel in Virtualbox. In fact that is the exact date I used in the video :P
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