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Image posting URLs

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Image posting URLs

Postby alexandru_c » August 6th, 2016, 6:27 pm

// Hope I posted this in the good category.

Today when I wanted to include an image in my post which was hosted on a trusted SSL website owned by Bongiovi Acoustics, LCC [US] I got an error telling me that the forum can't take the size of my picture, also I got the same error when I wanted to add a picture hosted on my personal web server (an old apple ipod touch 4th gen - no SSL, DDNS based and/or .xyz address based).
So, based on that message I understand that there is a list of "trusted" sites, am I correct?
Also what I really want to ask is, where I can find the list of them or at least, would be here a post which displays them? It would be very helpfull!
Also, I know that the whole thing is for security but, can be added more "trusted" website addresses?

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